Love is clearly the one language that all humans understand and speak. Almost everyone has fallen in love and has said lovely things to their loved ones. The best way is by writing romantic love letters. This article looks at some of the famous people in history who have written love letters.

One of the very popular ones is the celebrity love letter between Napoleon, Emperor of France and his love interest, Josephine de Beauharnais. Napoleon eventually married and divorced Josephine. However, he still continued to write her letters despite not having produced children out of their marriage.

He later married a princess from a royal house and that marriage produced children. However, The Emperor still has a thing for Josephine even in the duration of his second marriage. He still provided for her and her children long before the marriage ended between the two of them.

Another famous writer of famous love letters is Beethoven, the celebrated classical composer. However, the receiver of his letter is not directly addressed by name. Instead, she is referred as ‘Immortal Beloved.’ The composer was a prolific writer to this ‘Immortal Beloved’.

Some people believe that this ‘Immortal Beloved’ is Antoine Brentano. Antoine Brentano is a diplomat’s daughter and the notion might have sprung up because he dedicated a piece of his work to her. However, the identity of “immortal Beloved’ is still in dispute.

Love does happen to every kind of people, even the famous and the infamous.

These famous love letters only show that even people have a romantic side, despite what they did and people’s (and history’s) perception of them in history.