Happy Person

Many people equate happiness with romance or being in the state of relationship. That is true but for some people, being single actually makes them happier.

There are many reasons why people choose to be single. Some do not mind that they have no one to talk to or have somebody to do things with. For single persons, it is all about perspective and into being one’s self compared to the romantic fortunes of others.

1. One of the foremost qualities to survive as a single person is the positive perspective. Single people should have a positive attitude about their status. Sure, there are moments of unhappiness and loneliness are impossible not to come by. Nevertheless, depending on the circumstances, the single status might just be the perfect status for the time being.

2. Being single also means that you have time for everything. There will be time for family, friends, yourself and things for exploration and pleasure. Many things can be done without restrictions or approval from anybody. It also saves time form conflict ad explaining actions. A single person can show resourcefulness in spending time and sometimes money into more pressing matters .

3. Being a single person can be a symbol of individuality and allowing a person to be on his or her own. This grows into self-confidence and being self-reliant. Single people can devise methods to be happy but not committed. This self-reliance and self-confidence can further be used in other endeavors like the workplace and leisure.

4. A single person can devote some personal thought and time to one’s self. Many people sometimes forget to treat or value themselves because they often put the needs of others before their own. By going single, a little self-pampering and self-reflection o one’s life and priorities is possible.

There is a saying that being a single is a blessing. For some it is true while for others, treat it is as a curse. Perhaps, the only annoying thing about being single is the constant speculation of the latest or next romantic interest. It cannot be helped in this world who would like to live in love and happily-ever after.

But one good trait in being a single person is endurance. The quality of endurance can bring growth into effort to pursuing that fairytale life (or some sort of).

Being single is not a death sentence or something that is irreversible. The best judge whether a single life or worth living or not is the person itself.