Scottish Americans are group of people who share the heritage of being Scots and Americans. It’s not that hard to tell, is it? Just like there are lots of other race of people in America, there are also those who came from Scotland, thereby called so.

In other words, Scottish Americans are people who have ancestors who came from Scotland and immigrate to America.

Their Scottish ancestry can either be from both parents and one parent. With today’s practice of intermarriage between cultures, some Scottish Americans have their Scottish beginnings in their forefathers.

Many of Scottish immigrants have been going to America as far as the Viking age. Over the years and periods, Scots have come to America as explorers and traders. This migration became steady on the Age of Exploration.

During the Exploration Age, many Scots, just like lots of other people all over the world, flocked to America as the land of new opportunity and a place to obtain their fortune and wealth. The exodus of Scots to America continued and cemented with the establishment of a British colony in Virginia.

The first Scots to arrive in America are traders, farmers, and planters. Other classes of Scottish people who went to America are prisoners, slaves and those who fled Scotland in face of political and religious persecution.

Many Scots settled in the colonies of South Carolina and New Jersey. These colonies, which later became American states, retain the Scottish culture today.

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